girls discipleship coordinator

Covenant Life Church is building a student ministry team that will work together to

1) foster and strengthen a web of discipleship relationships between adults and students and 2) create and sustain vibrant avenues for these relationships to grow. The Girls Discipleship Coordinator will play a vital role through discipling female students, equipping leaders and engaging with parents.



director of small groups and discipleship

We want our people in Community Groups because we believe that life change happens best as people experience the gospel in a community of redemptive relationships. At Covenant Life, we seek to do that by connecting people to Christ, to one another and to service for God’s kingdom. The Director of Small Groups and Discipleship will be a primary part of connecting people to groups where they can grow in grace.





director of counseling and care ministries

One of our hopes for the people of Covenant Life Church is that a mature and equipped disciple is a follower of Jesus marked by entering into one’s life story, knowing that the Lord sovereignly ordained everything in life for his purposes, to find healing and hope, and to undermine evil. We believe in a God who meets people in their deepest pains and sorrows with his gentle and kind healing hand. Our Director of Counseling and Care Ministries spearheads our efforts to invite hurting people to experience the healing hand of our God.