Small Groups

Church is more than a service on Sunday mornings.

It's people living life together, helping one another and serving together in our community and world. Each week, hundreds of people meet in groups all around the Sarasota area to learn about God, pray, eat, laugh and live. We call these Small Groups.

Small groups aren't for people who have it all together. In fact it's quite the opposite. Small groups are a place to build friendships so that, together, we can all be transformed by the grace of God as we help on another grow in a Biblical relationship with Jesus Christ.

How do groups work?

  • Groups form at the start of each semester and meet weekly for 10-12 weeks.

  • You can sign up for groups on our Connection Card (found in your Sunday bulletin), in the lobby, or online.

  • Each week, groups will study the Bible together.

  • Once during the semester, groups will serve together.

  • Once during the semester, groups play together (that is, go out and have some fun, though we know many groups have fun every time they get together!).

  • After 10-12 weeks, groups conclude.

  • At the start of the next semester, new groups are formed and sign-ups start again.

What can you expect?

  • You will make new friends in your group as you grow in Christ together.

  • You will be able to deepen friendships made in previous groups by signing up for a group together.

  • You will experience accountability through these friendship.

  • Because new groups form every semester, you will not have to wait too long to get connected into a small group.

What types of groups are there?

The types of groups vary by semester; we encourage creativity.

Here are some groups we have had over the years:

  • Ice cream group (met over ice cream every week. Yum!)

  • Tennis group (played tennis together each week)

  • Golf group (played 9 holes of golf together each week)

  • Financial Peace University (great group for learning how to handle finances biblically)

  • DivorceCare (support in the middle of life's toughest challenges)

  • Fantasy Football group (group doubled as a fantasy football league!)

  • Many, many more!

How can you help support small groups?

Invite others to get into a small group

Facilitate a group as a leader

Encourage others to lead a group